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Multi-sectoral Approaches to Child Health: A discussion series - Shared screen with speaker view
Patricia hi Gross
Patricia Gross, Global Health Consultant
Kirk Dearden
Kirk Dearden, team lead for nutrition and WASH at Corus International
Catherine Gana
Hello. I am Catherine Gana from Nigeria
Dyness Kasungami
Hello all. Thank you for joining. I am Dyness Kasungami from the CH TF Secretariat, at JSI in DC.
Emmanuel Odeke Okallany
Hello all. I am Emmanuel Odeke Okallany from JSI-USAID RHITES-N, Lango in Uganda
wezi kalumbu
Hello, Wezi Kalumbu Health Specilist RMNCH Malawi
Kirk Dearden
Based on my experience on an integrated nutrition project in Nepal, sometimes motivating ministries to work together may be easier than expected. For example, the ministry of agriculture had almost always worked to promote the production of large livestock. When we explained why small livestock are critical to improving the daily diets of families, they were motivated to work collaboratively with the MOH to support nutrition.
Peggy Koniz-Booher
Such a great point, Kirk!
Peggy Koniz-Booher
Can you put the framework back on the screen please?
Kirk Dearden
Great framework!
Peggy Koniz-Booher
I like it! Communication! Conflict management! Building trust and legitimacy!
Ibrahim Kirunda
Yes, it is a useful and clear framework but sometimes, the shared motivation is subjective, especially in our setting.
Dyness Kasungami
Governance is closely linked to leadership, how does the paper connect the two, sorry if I missed that.
Ibrahim Kirunda
The other hinderance if one sector is not with a health background, that sector may not see the possible outcome
Dinesh Baswal
Yeah it works,we have implemented in quality of Labour room & OT & also in Anaemia
Altrena Mukuria-Ashe
Yes, many of these strategies are being used in the USAID Advancing Nutrition Project in Kenya. We have nutrition champions for each sector, nutrition, ag and social protection. And we have multi sectoral nutrition score cards which have indicators that are being monitored for each sector. And finally financial tracking is being done for each county by sector.
Ibrahim Kirunda
The key strategies to govern multisectoral action are applicable to our local situation, Uganda. We had a multisectoral engagement during preparations, mass vaccination-measles-rubella, and evaluation of the campaign. Most those strategies were used
Aliyu Usman Muhammad
Hello everyone I am Dr Aliyu usman from Nigeria sickle cell disease eradication initiative co ordinator
Tamah Kamlem
What will be the role of governments in coordinating multisectoral collaboration?
Peggy Koniz-Booher
Yes - learned a lot! Thank you for the discussion - and for the whole series!!