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People with a Mental Health Diagnosis Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment Event on 10/14 from 5-7 p.m. ET - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Moore
My Name is Jane Moore. I am a person with experience in the mental health system of Maine. I am also an advocate for Disability Rights Maine embedded at Riverview Psychiatric Center. I am here in both capacities.
Vickie Hebert
Vickie Hebert -office manager CCSM-Adventure
Kristie Worster
Kristie Worster- Maine Behavioral Healthcare- clinic director
April Kerr
April Kerr Consumer Council System of Maine, Facilitator.I love the fall colors as well
Kelly Staples, She/Her/Hers
I'm a person who uses MH services, a member of the PAIMI council, and a parent of a child who uses MH services in Maine. I also work as a trainer of IPS for OBH. My favorite thing about Maine is Fall
Nancy Birkhimer
Nancy Birkhimer, Maine CDC. My favorite things about Maine include the mountains, the water, the seasons and the people.
Nancy Birkhimer
I am here to answer any data related questions in the chat.
Jane Moore
I have to ask how is “morality” defined?
Nancy Birkhimer
Mortality, with a "t" not morality. Mortality = deaths
Kelly Staples, She/Her/Hers
well that makes much more sense!
Jane Moore
Thank you I heard it wrong