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COVID-19 Vaccines: Availability & implications for children globally and lessons from Kenya and Ghana - Shared screen with speaker view
Sita Strother
Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself to your colleges in the chat box.
Eric Swedberg
Hi Everyone - Eric Swedberg, Senior Director Child Health at Save the Children
Brian Njoroge
Hi, Brian M. Njoroge - Kenya
Dyness Kasungami
Dyness Kasungami. Welcome everyone from the Secretariat of the Child Health Task Force. A big thank you to the speakers and all of you for joining as we focus on COVID-19 vaccines and learn from WHO as well as country perspectives.
Lydia Karimurio
Hi everyone, Lydia Karimurio-Division of Neonatal and Child Health/MOH /Kenya
Ashley Schmidt
Hello all- Ashley Schmidt, Senior Product/Program Manager for AI at macro-eyes
Salim Sohani
Hi everyone, Salim Sohani, Senior director, Canadian Red Cross
Hello everyone Pedro Leon Perez, Program Support Manager Plan International Nicaragua
Gagik Karapetyan
CDC and FDA have issued this morning a statement to pause J&J vaccine administration
Gagik Karapetyan
Kojo Yeboah-Antwi
Prof Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, retired Professor of Global Health at the Boston University School of Public Health, now a volunteer at a mission hospital in rural Ghana
Omer Dermesha
I hope you willshare the powerpoints and recordings as some times problem of network to atte d full session. thank you
Rachel Afaayo Nakatugga
Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening colleaguesbased on where you areI am Afaayo RachelProgram Manager of the East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization
Sita Strother
Yes, we will share all presentation slides and the recording via email and on our website!
Mohamed Muhumed
Good evening
Silah Kimanzi
Ombeva- It seems Kenya is implementing Phase I and II now. What changed from the original plan? Is it from the low uptake from the phase I target group given that Kenya has not yet received the second consignment?
Med Makumbi
Is Kenya preserving some doses for the next dose for those who have received the 1st dose?
Mohamed Bobe
Hi Everyone, i am Mohamed Bobe, Senior Health Program Manager at Save the Children, Somalia
Mohamed Muhumed
What efforts and strategies are used to address barriers to accessing COVID19 vaccines and what are the common myths causing vaccine hesitancy?
Dyness Kasungami
Presenters can answer questions via chat.
Elizabeth KUTAMBA
Thank You Racheal for the invite
Ombeva Malande
To Silah Kimamnzi -- Yes, Kenya changed to merge Phase 1 and 2 because of third wave that was more severe and resulted in higher infections and deaths compared to first two ...and slow uptake by targets of phase 1 -- thus leading country to expand the scope
Ombeva Malande
Med Makumbi - Yes, Kenya is preserving dose 2 for each case that receives dose 1 … that is a pre requisite . The good thing is the country still has some vaccine available for current targeted phases
Elizabeth KUTAMBA
How safe is the Covax vaccine for the pregnant and lactating women
Ann Lindstrand
Mohamed Bobe
where the private health care providers able to provide the vaccine in Kenya? How was transparency ensured?
Ombeva Malande
Mohamed Muhumed - Vaccine hesitancy is proving a big headache, especially affecting health workers. The government is doing community mobilization, the president ordered entire cabinet vaccinated, he himself, first lady and deputy president were vaccinated. All vaccines are free
Ombeva Malande
There has been a lot of media information mobilizing for vaccine uptake
Ann Lindstrand
Link above includes all the global guidance for the delivery of Covid 19 vaccines. There is a full section on vaccine demand; data, social listening, tools etc. Important to follow during roll out as was shown by the Kenyan speaker.
Dyness Kasungami
@Ann. Thanks for sharing this information and thanks to all the presenters; we will share the slides for continued conversation.
Yared Abebe
Thank you for the nice presentations. My Q is; do you have a Side Effect monitoring systems?
Grace Chee
Please join MOMENTUM on April 27, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. EST for a webinar on Maintaining Focus on Routine Immunization through COVID-19 Vaccination. This webinar will explore early experiences and strategies to leverage the focus on COVID-19 to strengthen routine immunization. Hear from the USAID Immunization Team, USAID Mozambique, Gavi, and the MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity project.
Grace Chee
Link for registration is https://jsi.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Lk3ubEc_QyGB1JSR2D3eBQ.
Dyness Kasungami
Thank you Grace for the link to registration for the upcoming webinar on COVID-19 vaccine roll out and to USAID/US Govt. for the significant financial contribution.
Sita Strother
As we will not have time for a Q&A, please put any questions you have in the chat and we will ask the presenters to answer them and follow up after the webinar. Thank you for your engagement!
Lavinia Ndemutila Ndinangoye
Which vaccine is good/recommended for people living with Congenital and Rheumatic Heart disease
Sita Strother
The recording and full presentation slides will be shared via email and posted on this site by tomorrow: https://www.childhealthtaskforce.org/events/2020/04/webinar-series-child-health-covid-19-response
Maureen Tshabalala
Thank you