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Lincoln County Shared Community Health Needs Assessment Event on 11/17 from 2:30-5:45 p.m. ET - Shared screen with speaker view
Stacey Miller
Tori we are having a hard time hearing you
Maria Hinteregger
can hardly understand anything
Nancy Birkhimer
Nancy Birkhimer, Maine CDC, MSCHNA steering committee rep. I will be here this afternoon to answer any questions in the chat about the data. please type your questions here, and we will answer them during the presentation.
Jo Morrissey
THis PPT is available at https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/phdata/MaineCHNA/events.shtml
Nancy Birkhimer
For those looking at the oral health data in the profile: we are working to update these data as we realized there a couple of errors in the STATE level data. the State % of children covered by dental insurance (currently says 80.3% but should be 55.7%) and the State % of children with at least one preventative dental visit in the past year (says 35.3% but should be 62.6%)
Ellen Freedman
Thanks Nancy