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CHEHS Subgroup Bimonthly Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Elaine Scudder
For the HNO/HRP work, have you included newborn considerations? and if so, can IAWG support with maternal?
Fouzia Shafique
Hi Elaine, yes! Happy to loop in IAWG going forward.
Elaine Scudder
Thanks, Fouzia - IAWG just completed that scoping of MNH content in HRPs, and as you know is hoping to do a webinar with GHC coordinators so would be great to work together! (and to use the child health task team to provide tech support on MNH content moving forward)
Elaine Scudder
Is the TOR for the GHC partnership finalized or able to be shared? Would be very interested to see some further details on some of the vision
nureyan zunong
Elaine we have a meeting with GHC next week to finalize the TOR, will share with the group after we agree on some final details . thanks
Sita Strother
The Child Health Task Force is also planning a discussion series with country-based members on how to implement the child health redesign including the lifecourse approach, multisectoral response, etc. Emergencies could be integrated into this series as well.
Fouzia Shafique
Thanks, Sita!
Fouzia Shafique
Colleagues, we are updating the member's list. Could you kindly introduce your selves here in the chat box - title/organization/email address
nureyan zunong
welcome Aliyu and Adugna , could you please introduce yourself in the chat box? thanks
Elaine Scudder
Thanks, @Nureyan! If you could include IAWG in discussions to contribute to the N (and M as appropriate) of that group, we'd be very grateful.
Roberta Petrucci
Thanks Nure and Fouzia for organizing and inviting me and looking forward for a bilateral meeting
Daniel Martinez Garcia
Hi - I am Daniel Martinez Garcia - paediatric advisor at Médecins sans Frontières - based in Geneva - thanks for the meeting
Sita Strother
The slides and recording will be shared with all subgroup members after this meeting!
Shaimaa Ibrahim
Thank uou so much
Shaimaa Ibrahim