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M&E Subgroup: Review of SPA Child Health Indicators - Shared screen with speaker view
Lorine Pelly
Lorine Pelly, IGPH, University of Manitoba
Zewdie Mulissa
Zewdie Mulissa, IntraHealth International/Ethiopia office/, SPA data gives better representative data for measuring quality at facility level.
Michel Pacqué
SPA is a town in Belgium
Zewdie Mulissa
Hopeful you send us the ppt at the end of training!
Dyness Kasungami
Dyness Kasungami, JSI, Child Health Task Force Secretariat.
Sita Strother
Yes, the ppt will be sent to everyone who registered!
Zewdie Mulissa
The SPA covers the biggest (62%) proportion of maternal & newborn quality measures......how much % does it cover for child quality measures? What have you considered to improve the % in current revision if any?
aissatou diop
Bonjour please y a t il une option interpretation en français Merci
Michel Pacqué
I think that countries that "buy" in the SPA can always add questions
Lorine Pelly
Standard 1- 23; Standard 2-2; Standard 3 -2; Standard 4-5, Standard 5 - 3; Standard 6 - 2; Standard 7 - 5; Standard 8 - 3
Michel Pacqué
how do we define adequate drug supply? one month supply
Lorine Pelly
Indicators per standard
Lorine Pelly
In the past SPA has definite supply as at least one of that item at the facility; we have recommended including number in stock so that a better measure of adequate supply can be calculated
Felix Lam
I think that's ok bc oxygen administration occurs in inpatient care so if SPA isn't going to do inpatient then it's not feasible
Felix Lam
But I think we lose lots of QoC related to PSBI and other severe illness as well
Felix Lam
So I'm disappointed SPA doesn't think child inpatient care should be included
Anima Sharma
Sorry, have to leave to attend a condolence meeting.
Felix Lam
8.4 and 8.5 are already included in SPA data collection and reporting but only for the service areas that SPA collects from which misses out on inpatient service areas
Felix Lam
If there's an ability to include an optional module on pediatric inpatient service areas, I'd be happy to help with that
Tamar Chitashvili
I wonder what criteria was used to prioritize these indicators. 8.1 does not fully reflect standard 8.1. as it includes many components besides phisical environment of the facility. 8.4. and 8.5. both are critical but perhaps we make it one composite indicator from it? 8.2. really measures outcome/output of friendly phisical resources that is much more relevant to QoC given that we all know that availability of resources does not mean that they were being used
Tamar Chitashvili
This is what is submitted form MNH group: SSNB Readiness: % of facilities with readiness components for care of small and sick newborns, including nutrition support and growth monitoring, screening, diagnosis and management of infection, jaundice, respiratory conditions, prematurity/low birthweight, and standard operating procedures for registration and notification of neonatal death and stillbirths
Tapas Nair
Thank you so much, everyone!
Felix Lam
Oxygen equipment readiness currently collected in client examination room (i.e. outpatient) and under non-communicable respiratory service areas.
Felix Lam
Thanks all
Tamar Chitashvili
Thank you so much for doing this, Kate!
Tamar Chitashvili
yes, please