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Cumberland County/Portland Region Shared Community Health Needs Assessment Event on 10/5 from 4-6 p.m. ET - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruby Spicer
Ruby Spicer, Sr. Quality Specialist, Northern Light Mercy Medical Group. I love the natural beauty of Maine!
Jean Mellett
Jean Mellett, Northern Light Health, fresh air and walking!
Rebecca Hobbs
Rebecca Hobbs, Through These Doors. I love the people of Maine. And the Whoopie Pies. :)
Eva Fury (they/them) Planned Parenthood Northern New England
Eva Fury, (they/she), Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, rocky mountain tops!
Lyvia Gaewsky
Lyvia Gaewsky - From the First Tooth - a statewide initiative, hiking and bird watching!
Alexandra Hughes
Alex Hughes, Portland Public Health - all the nature we have access to!
Alexis Guy
Alexis Guy, SNAP-Ed coordinator at the Opportunity Alliance. Love all the local Maine farmers, fisherfolk, and producers!
Nancy Birkhimer
Nancy Birkhimer, Maine CDC, (she/hers) I will be available to answer questions related to the data during today's presentation via chat. Love Maine's people, land, and sea
Ellen Freedman
Ellen Freedman MaineHealth Center for Health Improvement. Love the beaches!
Jo Morrissey
Thank you to all for everything you continue to do to address this pandemic!
Ellen Freedman
Thanks Kristine!
Nancy Birkhimer
If you have questions about the data that is in the profiles or in this presentation, please type them in the chat, an we will attempt to answer those "in real time."
Alexandra Hughes
Are these specified work related falls or falls at home? Do they differentiate?
Nancy Birkhimer
@alexandra: the falls data are reports for all locations. There may be data available of the location of the fall, but this data is not analyzed in that way.
Jo Morrissey
This PPT is available on the Maine Shared CHNA website: https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/phdata/MaineCHNA/events.shtml
Jean Mellett
Is any of the data broken out by ethnicity/ race? Numbers may be low. thanks
Nancy Birkhimer
@jean: the state level data has been analyzed by race/ethnicity. This data will be part of health equity data sheets, reflected in the state report and on the interactive portal (coming soon!!)
Jean Mellett
Good to know-- thanks, Nancy!
Nancy Birkhimer
@jean, as you note, these numbers are often small, even at the state level, and we often combine 5-10 years of data to make them more reliable.