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Breakout session #2 - Volunteers in remote instruction - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruth Rodriguez
I really like your recommendation about having them start with what they are familiar with. Have volunteers who are more tech saavy help with "tech practice sessions" They are helping me, too. I use a laptop and doing google meet with and ipad is a little different, so it's helpful to have someone who has the same device.
Josué Torres
What recommendations can you give to start a virtual tutoring program?
Victoria Neff
Please feel free to unmute and ask any questions if you want as well :)
Claire Balani
Do you have a sense of what volunteer needs are for ongoing/continuing training?
Ruth Rodriguez
I've thought about having tutors join class and observe class and be available to help, and then at the end of class, stay after class for 1/2 hour for practice, using what was learned in the lesson and answering questions. This way, tutors just join, and don't need to create the meeting, etc.
Todd Evans
Todd Evans, tevans@proliteracy.org
Claire Balani
Thank you!